Munster CX League Update

Looking forward to seeing u all at the up an coming Munster CX league. Lets get the word out , to make this inaugural year a huge success .

A lot of you are starting to book your places at the various race events now .
Registration for the first two races in the league are now open.



Many of you have been asking how will the League work / what are the rules etc ?

In no particular ORDER here is a rough outline of the League rules
( all subject to change )

The A race is for CX bikes ONLY .
The B race is a “taster race only” . Winners on any type of bike will be forced to the next A race available
There is no B league
This means the Munster CX League only takes place in the A series for all categories …
League Categories : Senior Men , Vets ( M40/50/60) , Ladies and Juniors
Automatic Timing systems will be used where possible .
All participants must hold a valid Cycling Ireland limited competition licence . Day licences will also be available on the day
Ladies only races will be run only if numbers are sufficient . (So it is up to you Ladies racers to get the word out .)
Juniors and Ladies will be encouraged into the A race if they want to be included in the Ladies league or Junior League .

Hosting Clubs
DeRonde Van Cork
Killarney CC
ReVolution CC
Burren CC
Upper church CC
St Finbarrs CC

Prizes and Categories
for each individual race
A Race ( Cx Bike Only )
Podium 1st 2nd 3rd
Non Placed Cats > M40,M50,M60
B Race NOVICE RACE ( Cx and MTBs)
Podium 1st 2nd 3rd

Note : A winner of any B race over the series will not be able to participate again in a B race for the remainder of the series , and must enter the A series .

Note on Race participation numbers
If race participant numbers on the day are low, the clubs race director will then organise, 1 RACE , with appropriate time staggered starts

Gridding will be organised at each race based on historical results and categories to allow for a competitive and safe race.

THE League series make up :
6 RACES . TOP 5 Results count
For the purposes of the league series , points to be allocated per race . ( point system will be published at a later stage )
The league series results will be comprised of a participants top 5 results ( allowing for 1 no show over the series)
The League will contain multiple leagues within the league, across the qualifying categories
Senior Men / Vets / Ladies / Junior

Prizes for Individual Races will be Non Monetary ONLY

Podium 1st 2nd 3rd
Non Placed Cats > M40,M50,M60

B Race NOVICE Category
Podium 1st 2nd 3rd

OVERALL League Prizes for each Category ( A race League )
Senior Men / Vets / Ladies / Junior
Munster League winners CX JERSEY
Monetary prize
Podium 1st ( Yellow) 2nd 3rd

Prize presentation : To take place ASAP after the finish
Refreshments will be provided
All results to be published online

Course Design Guidelines
Between 2.5kms and 3.5kms
90% ride-able and at least 3m wide
Starting straight at least 6 meters wide and 100 meters long with adequate area to allow assembly of riders and gridding
First narrowing not to be abrupt and first bend to be less than 90 degrees;
Finishing straight to be at least 100 meters long and 4 meters wide and either flat or uphill
Have a maximum of 6 obstacles that oblige riders to dismount
Course may contain one artificial obstacle of two wooden planks, 4 to 6 meters apart and no higher than 40 cms
Non-slip surface to be used on bridges/footbridges which must be 3 meters wide
No steps on downhill stretches
Adequately equipped pit area , double sided if possible
Race distance to be approximately 50 minutes duration

All subject to change and at the discretion of the six organising clubs .